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About Country Boy's Welding & Fabrication Inc.

Country Boy's Welding & Fabrication Inc. has spent many years serving our local residential and business community, offering a wide range of certified expertise that solves problems and helps get your project back on track. Whether you need welding repairs, structural welds, or service for equipment and heavy-duty machines, we’re here to ensure you find precisely what you’re looking for. 

Not only that, but we’re committed to supplying our clients with the best rates and customer service in the region.

Call (306) 202-8109 now to learn more about how our skills and exceptional quality craftsmanship set our welding technicians apart from the rest. 

Country Boy's Welding & Fabrication Inc.: A Welding Company You Can Depend on for Any Project  

We’ve established ourselves as the best welding company in our region through hard work and dedication. In addition, we’ve made it our practice to hire only the most qualified technicians. Once they’ve passed our rigorous hiring process, we ensure their safety certifications are up to date and spend the time required to check our work to make sure it meets our high standards. We also stay on top of evolving technology advancements to ensure we’re offering the most innovative services available today. In following this process, we can guarantee that every weld will be perfect and that your project can continue to move forward on time. 

Some of our recent work has included:

  • Custom metal fabrication 
  • Structural steel erection and repairs 
  • Heavy-duty trucking repairs 
  • Construction equipment repairs
  • Heavy machinery repairs 
  • Custom welding projects 
  • And much more!

Find out why businesses in every sector turn to our technicians to solve problems and eliminate unnecessary expenses. All you have to do is get in touch with us to book an obligation-free consultation. 

Our Goal Is to Provide Cost-Effective Welding Services 

From fabrication to structural repairs, our welding services are designed to help you overcome obstacles and employ safe, long-lasting solutions that align with your budget. 

We employ several different welding technologies to serve you better. These include, but are not limited to:

  • MIG welding 
  • TIG welding
  • Plasma arc welding and plasma cutting 
  • STICK welding 
  • Portable welding services
  • And more!

Some of the metals we’ve worked with recently have included:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Copper 
  • Cast iron 
  • Steel 
  • and many more non-ferrous alloys 

The depth of our experience will help you resolve issues with logistics, safety compliance, and meeting tight schedules. Call us to talk about the details of your next project and how our services are designed to ensure your success. 

Connect With a Qualified Welder Now

Country Boy's Welding & Fabrication Inc.’s spotless reputation for being a qualified welder that so many local businesses depend on hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s one of the many reasons we continue to grow and expand our services as new technologies emerge. Staying at the forefront of our industry in safety compliance and affordability allows us to work with a diverse range of clients on projects large and small. Let’s talk about customizing our services to give your business a competitive advantage.

Call (306) 202-8109 now to reserve a non-committal consultation appointment. 

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